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Ever wondered what the police ACTUALLY do?

Was I the best cop to ever patrol the streets? ...No.

But did I come to work each day determined to do my best and give 100% to every incident I attended? ...Also no.

What I did do though was note down all the awkward, funny, unusual and bizzare jobs I went to ...and here they are... the Sandford Trilogy - all true tales of the unexpected, only names & places have been changed to protect the guilty. Enjoy!

All books can be bought on this site via Amazon or signed copies via PayPay - just follow the links

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Prior to joining the police I wrote about my travels with my dog around the bizarre & rude named places in the British Isles. I should have called the book 'Brown Eyed Handsome Dog', 'The Lowest of the Low' or even 'Marsupial Elvis' ...but instead I decided to call it 'Shakespeare My Butt!' putting off countless hoardes of readers who think it's a serious book about the bard... and if you insist on repeatedly asking why I called it that, prepare to expect violence.

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updated: October 2020

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