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The kind of offer that gives vulgar, tawdry commercialism a good name!

1. All 3 Police books...with over 1,000 x 5 star Amazon reviews between them - Check!

2. Signed copies - Check!

3. Post & Packing included in the price - Check!

...and I'll email you back asking if you want them personalised to anyone.

All for just £19.99 via PAYPAL

All 3 Police Books (UK location), £19.99

All 3 Police Books (Outside UK), £39.99

Image: Police books

Want to buy individually Signed Copies? (UK only)

If you live in the UK & are a PAYPAL user, click the link to order a signed copy - Post & Packing is included in the price.

Police, Crime & 999 (signed copy), £7.99

Police, Lies & Alibis (signed copy), £7.99

Police, Arrests & Suspects (signed copy), £7.99

I'll email you once the order is in to establish who you want me to sign the books to or any other personalisation 

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